How To Change Culture One Wave At A Time

How To Change Culture One Wave At A Time

You want to go for a surf so you go to the beach, put on your wetsuit, grab your board and make your way into the surf. As soon as you hit the water, the waves begin to push against you as if the ocean doesn’t want you to enter. 

But you persist through the break until you get on the other side where the water seems to be more inviting and comfortable. It’s choppy, yes, but it’s way more manageable than being in the middle of the surf with the crashing waves and undercurrent. 

Just then you realize, if you want to surf, you’ve got to go back to the waves. You have to re-enter the place that seemed to work against you just moments before. But this time it’s different. Now, you are approaching from a different place. You are not working AGAINST, you are working WITH. 

And when your effort matches the natural flow of the ocean, magic happens. 

You pop up above the wave and harness the power of the ocean, moon & sun. You become connected to the universe in a way you could never accomplish yourself. 

You surf. 

So often we are so busy standing in the surf getting pummeled by the waves that we forget that if we would approach it a little differently we could get a different result. 

We fight, push, argue, and resist. If we would just paddle out a little further, we could work with it. We could be part of it. We could surf.

When we take a defensive posture toward culture, we will lose every time. Culture is way bigger than any of us. 

When we take an offensive posture toward culture, we can harness the power of the entire universe. 

This is what Martin Luther King Jr. did in American and what Gandhi did in India and what Nelson Mandela did in South Africa and what Jesus did in Jerusalem. They used culture to start a movement, to create momentum, to surf. 

If you want to harness the power of the Creator, get on the offensive. 

Peaceful, loving, empathic action. 

Go Surf.

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